Are you a self-employed expert/consultant in the water sector? Do you speak Spanish and/or Portuguese? A water expert within the World Bank is searching for consultants who are available for small assignments in Latin America.

The following expertise is being looked for:

  • Water Governance, Institutional and financial frameworks
  • Watershed Management
  • ​Environmental Legal and Regulatory
  • Transboundary Agency Strengthening, Basin Planning, Hydro-Informatics, Laws and Regulations
  • ​Natural Based Infrastructure,​ Eco-Systems Services
  • Adaptive Management
  • Water Resources Management (Agency Strengthening, Basin Planning)
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • ​​Groundwater (Governance, Monitoring & Development)
  • ​Drought Management
  • Flood Risk Management  ​
  • ​Reservoirs  ​Dam Safety
  • ​Bulk Water Conveyance
  • ​Irrigation infrastructure
  • ​Water Supply and Sanitation
  • Hydro-Meteorology
  • ​Water Resources Management Decision Support Systems

Are you interested and available? Please share your CV with Team International Organisations:, until 18 December 2019.