Due to a high demand on the previous solar training, DSS water decided to support five experts with the online Solar Water pumping training at the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

In emergency operations, provision of constant and reliable supply of energy is of crucial importance to ensure the provision of basic services, such as water. Energy for water supply is, in a number of humanitarian operations, dependent on generators and fuel. Pumping water consumes a lot of energy, and consequently results in high recurrent costs.  Solar water pumping is considered the most appropriate approach to reduce recurrent operating costs and to enable more sustainable water provision.

The shortage of solar energy expertise among WASH stakeholders and field practitioners is a critical barrier towards the effective mainstreaming of solar pumping technology in emergency WASH contexts.

The online training is an in-depth look at the planning, design, installation, testing, operation and maintenance of solar powered water systems with a focus on use for humanitarian and development contexts. The course is online (self-paced training) with asynchronous tutorials and examinations (continuous evaluation) on the online UPV training platform. More information on the training can be found here.

People interested in the training can apply with CV and short motivation letter. The letter should include an explanation of how one is planning to use their knowledge through DSS water in the near future and whether one is available for deployments. Please send the message to dsswater@rvo.nl before the 8th of November 2020.