The government of Morocco has requested the assistance of the DRR-Team for advise on a urgent water issue.

Violent storms starting on 24 November 2014 caused widespread flooding in large parts of southern Morocco, killing 47 people. Thousands of houses were destroyed and more than 100 roads were cut by the flood waters. A cold wave struck the affected communities from the first week of December and Agadir, Sidi Ifni, Tiznit and Bouizakarne provinces were affected by further flooding that left them isolated and inaccessible with a minimum of 3,000 families left in need. Especially in the region Guelmim serious challenges are faced with regard to serious droughts and occasionally very heavy rainfall causing extreme flooding.

To be able to come to a quick decision whether to deploy the DRR-Team or not, we urge you (or a colleague) to fill-out the questionnair¬†as soon as possible. It won’t take long to complete the form and you can either answer in English or Dutch.

If additional information is required please contact Maaike Feltmann, Thank you for your cooperation.