DRR-Team is looking for three or four experts for a scoping mission on flood risk management to Fiji.  The DRR-Team mission to Fiji aims to (1) identify, assess and explore flood control mitigation strategies together with the Fiji authorities, and (2) formulate concrete and concise follow-up programmes and projects. This requires a high level of professional expertise in the team involving an integrated approach from several disciplines. The DRR-Team will consist of DRR Team Leader Fred de Bruijn (W&B) and three or four experts.

The DRR-Team should combine the following fields of expertise:

  1. Flood risk assessments (& modelling)
  2. Flood management infrastructure: river basin, urban drainage, river mouth, coastal engineering
  3. IWRM catchment approach: planning, governance, Legal framework, policies & programming
  4.  Project definition / project pipeline / funding routes & protocols (WorldBank and other IFI’s, Climate Fund(s), (Dutch) Trust Funds). Experience in Scoping Studies.
  5. Innovative IWRM applications (‘building with nature’, ‘room for the river’, ‘participatory programme development’) and sectoral planning approach
  6. Agriculture transition (Fiji’s need for transition of sugar cane crop, may be aligned with improved land use practice
  7. Relevant experience in the Pacific, preferably Fiji

For example, a team could consist of one technical flood management expert, one IWRM governance expert, and one expert with knowledge of project definition and funding possibilities. The target expertise will be engaged within a compact team.

A balanced team regarding gender and age is preferred and aimed for. Young professionals are specifically encouraged to express their interest. Interested candidates are requested to highlight their expertise on the components 1 through 7 (above) or other particular relevant expertise. The mission is now planned for 17 – 28 August 2019.

More information on the DRR request from the Ministry of Waterways and Environment of Fiji can be found here

Expressions of interest should include:

  • Brief motivation (max. half page)
  • Self ranking on expertise fields for both qualifications and experience track record, please see attachment
  • CV (recent)

Please send your expression of interest by 31 July 2019 to drr-team@rvo.nl.