When you receive an assignment letter from RVO, a daily allowance is paid for working and travel days, up to a maximum of EUR 225:

  • Junior: EUR 110 per working day
  • Medior: EUR 110 per working day
  • Senior: EUR 225 per working day

The daily allowance is determined on the basis of previous work experience and the position level as specified by the UN for the position in question.

Additionally, you will receive a reimbursement, based on the costs actually incurred. You can submit invoices for the following costs:

  • Flight tickets to and from country of deployment (economy class, without upgrades)
  • Transportation (i.e. public transport) in home country to and from the airport on departure and arrival days
  • Visa application (excluding costs concerning travel and passport photos)
  • Vaccination costs and costs for medical examination, if requested by requesting organization (See also: How can I prepare for potential deployments?)
  • Accommodation (up to a maximum of the daily allowance for the location, according to DSA rates)
  • Other costs such as consumption (fixed daily allowance per location, according to DSA rates)
  • Other costs only if agreed upon by RVO beforehand

For the reimbursement of accommodation and other daily costs we adhere to the ‘daily subsistence allowance’ (DSA) rates as determined by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After selection by the requesting organization, the expert receives an assignment letter from RVO as an external consultant (without vacation days and without pension accrual).


Prior to deployment, you will receive a request from the purchasing department of RVO to submit a quotation in regard to the expected costs of your assignment for DSS water. DSS water uses a standard budget specification which can be adjusted per assignment. In the case of short assignments the budget is based on a 6-day working week by default. After the quotation has been received and approved by RVO you will receive an assignment letter. In granting the assignment, the general terms and conditions of the central Dutch government apply (ARVODI).

VAT is solely charged in respect to the daily allowance. In some cases, the assignment concerns a service to which 0% VAT for development cooperation applies.