DRR-Team is still looking for experts who can join the DRR-Team mission to Brazil about Tailings Dams and has extended the deadline for application to 16:00 today (October 4th).

DRR-Team is now looking specifically for experts in the field of Dyke design and Geotechnics:

  • Expert in Dyke design, with excellent knowledge of all failure mechanisms (and how to address them). Knowledge of dyke monitoring is a plus. Knowledge of liquefaction is a plus.
  • Geotechnics Expert with experience in monitoring and in dyke projects. Experience in interpreting site investigation information is a plus. Knowledge of liquefaction is a plus.

Please note that knowledge of Portugese is a plus but not a requirement.

The scope of this mission is:

Dam prioritization: analysis of information regarding circa 3 dams (geometry, materials, construction sequence, monitoring data if available). The safety of the dam in relation to the possible failure mechanisms will be assessed. Output is advice on which dam should be subjected to intervention first.
Workshop on Dyke design: course on the Dutch approach of Dyke design and analysis, including risk approach.

Expressions of interest should include:
– Brief motivation (max. half page)
– CV (recent)

Please send your expression of interest by Friday 4th of October 2019 at 16:00 hours to drr-team@rvo.nl.