Experts on Energy Access in Humanitarian Settings

DSS Energy is looking for energy experts who want to contribute their knowledge and skills to support humanitarian organizations to integrate both providing access to energy and integrating renewable energy in their operations and strategy.

Humanitarian assistance is transitioning to renewable energy by, on the one side, providing access to energy with a market-based approach and, on the other, greening operations in order to increase impact and sustainability. The energy transformation in humanitarian aid is still relatively new and many humanitarian organizations are looking for energy expertise. Therefore, Dutch Surge Support (DSS) Energy will provide support in the transition to renewable energy.

DSS Energy expert will support participating humanitarian organizations in the Access to Modern Energy (AME) accelerator programme of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and the Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation (DCHI). More information on the AME programme is available on the website and in the brochure. Other humanitarian organisations interested in a DSS Energy expert can express their interest by contacting RVO at DSS Energy is an initiative of the government of the Netherlands, including RVO and the Energising Development programme.

For energy experts
The role of the Energy Experts is to support humanitarian organizations to integrate renewable energy and market-based approaches for energy access in their work. Energy experts may work on a wide range of topics and levels, for example by supporting humanitarian organizations to draft and implement an energy strategy and action plan, connecting health centres to reliable renewable electricity, investing in local production of sustainable briquettes, or innovative financing for solar home system companies.

DSS Energy will recruit Energy Experts for organizations participating in the Access to Modern Energy (AME) accelerator programme. The Energy Experts will support participating organizations to go from their calls to action (published here on Source2Gather), to finding solution partners, and starting to implement solutions. The Energy Expert will serve primarily as a process facilitator and mentor for the organizations, based on their energy expertise and network.

Key responsibilities
– Support humanitarian organizations as facilitator and as a mentor, including by providing follow-up advice and providing training to help them deliver on their ambitions and commitments.
– Support humanitarian organizations with finding partners and establishing effective partnerships.
– Support humanitarian organizations with learning during the transition to renewable energy (e.g. on adopting the right mind-set, awareness of limited expertise, and lessons learned).

DSS Energy Experts would ideally have experience, skills and expertise in providing access to energy, market-based approaches, and/or greening operations that match the needs of the humanitarian organizations.

To meet the specific demands of participating organizations in the AME accelerator programme, the Energy Experts would ideally meet the needs in line with the organizations’ challenges and calls to action as shared on Source2Gather. Therefore, desirable topics of expertise within humanitarian energy, in no particular order, are:
a. Clean cooking, business development and gender.
b. Greening operations, including renewable and reliable energy for health care.
c. Off-grid electricity, including for households, and private sector involvement.
d. Investment and (innovative) finance (incl. customer finance).

Required experience and skills
– Extensive experience in working on access to energy, building energy markets, clean cooking, and other related fields.
– Experience working in developing countries, with the private sector and/or in humanitarian assistance is highly desirable.
– Proven experience in mentoring and capacity development.
– Experience in effective team- and project management.
– Experience establishing partnerships and a broad network in humanitarian energy is highly desirable.
– Excellent communication skills (written and verbal) in English. Fluency in Dutch and other languages is an advantage.

Requirements expertise, experience and skills will be further tailored to the specific assignment.

Availability and Conditions
– Assignments may be part-time, for example supporting three humanitarian organizations for 3 months for 20 hours per organization.
– Assignments may be done from home (remotely) and/or include deployments.

For humanitarian organizations
Initially DSS Energy Experts will be deployed only to humanitarian organizations participating in the Access to Modern Energy (AME) accelerator programme (more information on AME and the participating organizations can be found here and here). Other international humanitarian organizations interested in the deployment of Energy Experts are requested to contact the Netherlands Enterprise Agency by sending an email to

For more information about Dutch Surge Support (DSS), please contact:
– Sandra Cats, Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), +31 653929720
– Noortje Pellens, Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP), + 31 631211529

For more information about the Access to Modern Energy accelerator programme or access to energy in humanitarian settings, please contact:
– Charlotte Panhuyzen, Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), +31 629497399