Between April 30 and 4 May a team of five DRR-Team experts visited Angola: Rutger Perdon (teamleader), Peter Vercouteren, Koen van Baekel, Afonso Cupi Baptista and Allan Cain.

Reason was an outreach of the Angolan government to the Dutch government in January 2018 for help to minimise risks (related to diseases) for the population of the islands in the delta of the Zaire/Congo River and the city of Soyo. Problems which worry the authorities are the living circumstances of the population in these areas, because hygienic circumstances are low as a result of lack of good quality drinking water, poor sanitation and stagnant water/absence of drainage.


The report that the DRR-Team has written contains identified challenges, needs and recommendations. The document has officially been presented to the government of Angola and is published on the DRR-Team website, find it here.