From September 28 until October 15 an Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) mission was carried out in Kerala, India, by two experts from the Netherlands, Simon Warmerdam (DRR-Team team leader) and Paul van Meel. They participated in a Post Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA) issued by UNDP/ECHO.

The Indian government had requested the PDNA to focus on issues of water conservation, water management and river basin management. This request came with an acknowledgement that poor water resources management has contributed to the floods and landslides in the state, leading to high economic losses. The Indian government also requested to address underlying issues that caused the floods. With this objective the PDNA assessment team was asked to include an analysis of the water management practices and policies and propose recommendations to improve the management including conservation of water.

The final PDNA report has officially been handed over to the Chief Minister of the Government of Kerala by the UN Resident Coordinator on October 26. On this website you will find the results of the IWRM assessment carried out the by the two DRR-Team experts from the Netherlands.

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