The Dutch Risk Reduction Team is planning a project and mission to Chili at the end of October/beginning of November in order to assist the Chilean Central Government. For this project we are looking for a project leader.

The project leader must be able to speak Spanish fluently and have a technical background in one or more of the topics below and experience with working on site in Latin America. The selected project leader must be able to act intermittently between the different ministries and local authorities are responsible for the end result of the project and be able to the project team. Prospecting project leaders can send a letter of interest to before octobre 1st. The letter of interest should be accompanies by a motivation, CV and a description of relevant projects in which the required expertise  and skills are shown.

Background and topics of the project
In the North of Chili the Atacama region is one of the driest regions in the world. Mining, agriculture and the need for drinking water in the region result in big challenges in the field of water management in the region. In spite of the very low annual rainfall, Atacama has been struck by flash flooding twice in the last three years.  The Government and several regional authorities are formulating plans to make the region more resilient to such events. However, there is a need for more coordination as well as expert input on several topics:

  • short and medium-term water-related disaster prevention;
  • the design of infrastructure to diminish flood risk;
  • the generation of emergency plans;
  • how to in manage water-related disasters based on Dutch experience.