The Dutch Risk Reduction-Team is planning a mission to Chile from 8th until 15th of January, in order to assist the Chilean Central Government. For this mission we are looking for 3 experts:

For this mission we are looking for 3 experts:

  1. Experts on water governance
  2. Expert on river modelling and forecasting of extreme events
  3. Strategic specialist on water management and spatial planning on the river basin management level. Kindly find more information on the profiles and the mission in this document.

General requirements (applicable for all team members):

  • Able to rapidly assess situations and data and provide conceptual and practical solutions, sensitive to the local context;
  • Ability to be a relevant sparring partner for the local officials and to provide feedback on existing plans and ideas, as well as provide input for suitable alternatives;
  • Excellent presentation and reporting skills in English and Spanish;
  • Familiarity and practical experience with similar countries, experience in Chili has a preference;
  • Fluent in Spanish (non-Spanish speaking experts do not have to apply for a team member position).

Are you one of the experts we are looking for? Please send an email with a brief motivation in your response and recent CV before December 4th 10.00 am to with a cc to