Van 25-28 juli aanstaande, vindt de 3e fase plaats van de Panama Dialogos de Agua (Dutch Dialogues). Deze missie zal onder leiding staan van Teamleider Klaas de Groot en Dutch Dialogues expert Matthijs Bouw en ingaan op de thema’s stedelijke gebiedsontwikkeling, integraal waterbeheer, pilot projectontwikkeling en wet- en regelgeving. In voorgaande missies is een aantal pilot projecten geïdentificeerd en zijn de eerste stappen gezet in het stakeholder engagement proces. In deze missie zal daarop voortgeborduurd worden. Voor deze missie worden nog twee experts gezocht. Reageren kan tot uiterlijk vrijdag 15 juli, 15.00 uur naar Arjan Braamskamp, (graag een motivatie en CV meesturen). 
De doelstelling van deze missie is:

Objective: Detail the designs of the pilot projects on the basis of the Cantabria simulations results, translate these results into other conflict zones and analyse the conditions that the implementation of the basic concepts would require. Making the business cases, communicate and sell the idea to the stakeholders and mobilize compromise. Quantifying the benefits of water management, why everybody should be on board:

  • Stakeholder discussions regarding potential intervention measures incl. those from IH Cantabria with Metro Park, Ciudad Radial, MOP, SINAPROC etc. and come to a conclusion on how to manage the challenges presented by Metro Park and opposing stakeholders
  • Legal – Assessment of the regulatory framework and to facilitate discussions including permitting, zoning, incorporation of design objectives into functional objectives
  • Identify “gaps” and recommendations related to the legal framework. Draft a Municipal Decree on building codes related to vulnerability and flood risk zones
  • Analysis of the prerequisites for the implementation of the basic concepts
  • Assessments (CBA’s) of the costs of the various proposed interventions
  • Develop the business case(s) for the various pilot projects.

It will comprise of a four-day mission in Panama with four (4) experts (including Team Leader): One day for preparation, two days for various working meetings and one day to summarize and present results, and to plan the next meeting.
Planning for the next meeting also includes the identification of activities that will be implemented between the third and final mission.

The mission is in need of two experts with the following descriptions:

Legal expert work:

  • Work with MUPA and MOP – local stakeholders – permits expert, technical level and legal department
  • Assess existing regulatory framework
  • Develop/suggest new Building and Water Safety codes
  • Promote paradigm shift from design criteria towards functional criteria
  • Provide references from NL or other countries
  • Discuss needed changes in legal/institutional/relational setting for application of functional criteria to facilitate sustainable and responsible project development in context of Dialogos de Agua ambitions
  • Assess adoptability / feasibility of the proposed pilot projects within current legislature
  • Assess advantages of using functional criteria for the pilot projects and extrapolate this analysis to the level of the catchment area.
    Languages: English but strong preference for Spanish

Business Case expert:

  • Work with counterpart Ricardo Montenegro – CI
  • Develop business cases for pilot projects, based on various urban designs (by defining social, economic, financial impact factors)
  • Cost benefit analysis (economic, social, ecological) and related bankability of various project suggestions
  • Financing options – PPP, public funding, involvement IFIs and commercial lenders. Assess tax structures, identify instruments to long term finance operation and maintenance
  • Prepare guidelines for incorporating relevant criteria into public procurement documentation
  • Extrapolate business case experience to catchment level
    Languages: English but strong preference for Spanish

Please let us know by Friday, July 15th – 1500 Hrs (NL Time) if you are interested by submitting a letter of motivation and resume to