The NOHA Comprehensive Reflective Simulation & Training (NCRST) exercise consolidates and utilizes past and contemporary knowledge and insights from the wide-ranging operational and academic humanitarian arena.
The exercise builds on the cutting edge NOHA+ inter-university multidisciplinary postgraduate program curriculum weaving key theoretical and analytical elements into an engaging and participatory simulation that demands participants to practice knowledge, skills and attitudes needed in relief operations while regularly reflecting on challenging moral and operational dilemmas.

What: The training and simulation has three domains including humanitarian management, coordination and personal assumptions.
Who: The training is a unique opportunity for anyone interested to better understand the current reality and complexity of humanitarian aid operations.
When and how: 19th – 21st of June 2018 in Groningen. Spoken language is English. Participation is free of charge.

Are you interested to join the training? To sign up please contact: Chamutal Afek-Eitam/University of Groningen

For more info on the full program, please follow this link:

NOHA simulation exercise – Externals advert