The Chief Minister of Kerala will visit The Netherlands on Thursday 9/5. His visit is preceeded by two DRR-Team missions to Kerala, that took place in October 2018 and March 2019.

He is specifically interested in agricultural and water management best practices. Therefore he is very much interested in practical examples in the field. This visit is an opportunity to strengthen the ties between Kerala and the Netherlands.

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The Draft Action Plan (DAP) is a joint exercise of a team of experts from the Government of Kerala (GOK) and the DRR-Team mobilized by the Government of The Netherlands (GON). It provides a solid base for the GOK to complement it with additional data and propositions for scenarios and technical options. As such it is a dynamic document for which the ownership rests with the GOK. The Dutch DRR-Team has assisted in providing both the methodology and the possible technological options for an Action Plan to make the Kuttanad basin, as the focus area for this Action Plan, more resilient. This includes advice on a road map to establish a Kerala River Basin Authority.